The Jersey Statuary presents art & music in Jersey City Heights


A celebration of Arts & Music in Jersey City Heights.

Friday September 5, 2014

6pm -7pm: Performance by Classical Pianist Florencia Guzman
7 – 7:30pm Artist Meet & Greet with Jeankarlos Cruz
7pm – 11pm: Performance by Brazilian Bluegrass band, Matuto

Presented By Moriah Kinberg
Hosted by Margo and Walter Parks
JC Fridays is a city-wide celebration of the arts in Jersey City and is organized by Art House Productions

Artist Statement by Jeankarlos Cruz
Experiences, time, and performance, are intangible elements. These paintings aim to marry the intangible with the matter. Literally, there is a physical history on the surfaces, a history of ideas that keep evolving until they give birth to a unified creation. An independent creation. One that is removed from the threads of direct reference, direct reality. A creation that was the result of a history of situations. Since those situations were different for each surface, naturally the result is a particular manifestation and perspective of that place: that environment, that creature, and that sea.

Vision is not only what we see, it is a position taken, an idea, a geometry: A point of view in the double sense of the expression. Not the philosophy of painting, but painting as philosophy. A philosophy of pictorial symbols. A beauty, free from the notion of beauty, because of its indifference.Paisaje Solea 2_9ft x 7ft
I pursue painting as an independent way of thinking—Painting reacting to situations— Painting a constant search for a place, and internal place, a truth, both a collective and a personal truth- one that will help define existence or sanitize experiences, past experiences in order to walk forward. Painting as another form of thinking. A moral act, both personal and social.

It is not an immediate reality the painting that I am chasing. It responds to daily life and the elements in the surroundings. But is a painting that stands in front of the retina with a big question mark, aspiring to find solutions for beauty. Beauty in a simple definition as harmony or the relation between one element and the other. Painting as a ritual that tries to weave and create an encounter between: the past lived, the ancestral past and the recent present to ascend spiritually or dig introspectively to a source of “collective memories.”
Jeankarlos Cruz, 2014

Florencia Guzman, born in Monterrey, Mexico, comes from a family of professional musicians, and represents the fourth generation of pianists. She acquired her first music knowledge from her parents and grandmother. She graduated from Nyack College, NY, NY, majoring in Piano Performance under the direction of Margrit Zimmermann.
Florencia Foto
Florencia has performed as a soloist with prestigious orchestras of Mexico and New York under the direction of renown conductors as well as alongside renown musicians. She has also performed numerous recitals as a soloist as well as chamber music and with opera singers in Mexico, Venezuela, and USA. Florencia also practices choral and orchestral conducting and has conducted the Nyack College Chorale and Collegium Ensemble in New York City as well as the U-HAC International orchestra at the U-HAC International program. Recently, Florencia won first place at the 2014 Nyack College Piano Concerto Competition and performed with the Nyack College String Orchestra under the direction of Sungrai Sohn in New York.

A little bit about Florencia Guzmán~
Florencia has over 15 years of teaching experience at an international level. Florencia has made Jersey City Heights her new home together with her husband where they founded Florencia’s Music Studio in 2012.

Florencia is an activist. She is passionate about defending animal rights and against animal cruelty. She lends her energy and talent by performing in events that raises social awareness.

Florencia believes that music has the power to sensitize people in a way that they can become more understanding, thoughtful, and compassionate.

We hope that you can join us on Friday September 5 at 53 Congress Street in The Heights between Webster and New York.

If you need more info on the event, feel free to call me directly at 917-586-3957 or email